If you are enrolled in a plan and your plan is cancelled due to non-payment , your plan cannot be reinstated until the next open enrollment

The Following Counties that have the lowest Monthly Premiums : Douglas, Paulding, Cobb and Coweta.

Your Application must reflect the information on your tax returns. If you file Married , Head of Household or Single , your Obamacare Application must list the same members of your household. If your children are under age 19 & your annual income is under $28,000 you are still eiliglbe for an Obamacare plan but your children must apply for Medicaid or Peachcare

We are currently Authorized Agents to sell Kaiser Permanente Plans through the marketplace. 

- You must be Employed or Self-Employed to qualify for the "Tax Credit" . The Tax Credit is a shared portion of your total premium which reduces the amount your have to pay for your premium. EX; Total premium $350/Tax Credit $300/ The portion you pay on the premium is only $50/month



ObamaCare Application Process